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Youth Troop Leadership

A Boy Scout Troop is actually run by its boy leaders. With the guidance of the Scoutmaster and his assistants, they plan the program, conduct Troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers. Providing leadership to the Troop is an integral part of the advancement process after a Scout achieves the rank of First Class. Serving the Troop in a leadership position is a requirements for advance for the Star, Life and Eagle Scout ranks. It is a policy of Troop 736 that all Troop level leadership positions as well as Patrol Leaders be at least First Class Scouts. If there are no First Class Scouts willing to serve in the positions, they are then opened up to Scouts of other ranks. In addition, in 2005, the PLC decided that in order to receive full credit for rank advancement for a leadership position, the Scout must attend 5 of 6 monthly campouts and 5 of 6 PLC meetings during their 6 months in the leadership role. The only exception may be for Star rank since the duration of the leadership is 4 months. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Scoutmaster, but the Scout is encouraged to address the issues as soon as they come up to ensure they will received credit at the end of their tenure.

Junior Leader Positions

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - Top junior leader in the Troop. He leads the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) and, in consultation with the Scoutmaster, appoints other junior leaders and assigns specific responsibilities as needed.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Fills in for Senior Patrol Leader in his absence. He is also responsible for training and giving direction to the Quartermaster, Scribe, Troop Historian, Librarian, and Instructors.

Troop Historian - Collects and maintains Troop memorabilia and information on former Troop members.

Librarian - Keeps Troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor list available for use by Troop members.

Instructor - Teaches one or more advancement skills to Troop members.

Chaplain Aide - Assists in Troop religious services and promotes religious emblems program.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster - A Scout 16 or older who supervises and supports other boy leaders as assigned by the Scoutmaster.

Patrol Leader - Gives leadership to members of his patrol and represents them on the Patrol Leaders' Council.

Assistant Patrol Leader - Fills in for the Patrol Leader in his absence.

Troop Guide - Advisor and guide to a new Scout patrol.

Den Chief - Works with a Cub Scout den as a guide.

Quartermaster - Responsible for Troop supplies and equipment.

Scribe - The Troop secretary, collects dues at Troop meetings, keeps the minutes of the PLC meetings.

Webmaster - The Troop webmaster maintains the Troop website.


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