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Adult Troop Leadership

While the main focus of the Boy Scout program is youth leadership, adult leadership is necessary to provide guidance and direction to ensure the program adheres to the aims and ideals of Scouting. In addition, adult leaders are responsible for ensuring that all Troop activities follow BSA safety and youth protection guidelines.
Men and women 18 years of age and older are invited to participate as Troop leaders. There are a number of “official” as well as “unofficial” leadership opportunities available within the Troop. The leaders of Troop 736 and a brief description of their roles are summarized here.

ScoutmasterDoug Warren
The Scoutmaster and his assistant Scoutmasters work directly with the Scouts. The Scoutmaster's duties include:

  • Train and guide boy leaders.
  • Work with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.
  • Use the methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.
  • Meet regularly with the patrol leaders' council for training and coordination in planning troop activities.
  • Attend all troop meetings or, when necessary, arrange for a qualified adult substitute.
  • Attend troop committee meetings.
  • Conduct Scoutmaster conferences for all rank advancements.
  • Delegate responsibility to other adults and groups (assistants, troop committee) so that they have a real part in troop operations.
  • Participate in council and district events.
  • Build a strong program by using proven methods presented in Scouting literature.
  • Conduct all activities under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.

Assistant Scoutmasters - To fulfill his obligation to the troop, the Scoutmaster, with the assistance of the troop committee, recruits assistant Scoutmasters to help operate the troop. Each assistant Scoutmaster is assigned specific program duties and reports to the Scoutmaster. They also provide the required two-deep leadership standards set by the Boy Scouts of America (there must be at least two adults present at any Boy Scout activity).

Chartered Organization RepresentativeHeather Blankinship
The duties of the Chartered Organization Representative include:

  • Is a member of the chartered organization.
  • Serves as head of "Scouting Department" in the organization.
  • Maintains a close liaison with the troop committee chairman.
  • Helps recruit other adult leaders.
  • Serves as a liaison between the troop and the chartered organization.
  • Assists with Unit rechartering [each December the Troop must go through a re-chartering process].
  • Encourages service to the organization.
  • Is an active and involved member of the district committee.

Troop Committee Chairman – George Dobson
The duties of the Troop Committee Chairman include:

  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization’s representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the troop.
  • Prepare troop committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure troop representation at monthly District roundtables.
  • Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.
  • Arrange for charter review and recharter annually.

Troop Committee
The Troop Committee is the troop's board of directors and supports the troop program. The troop committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Ensures that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained.
  • Provides adequate meeting facilities
  • Advises the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting and the chartered organization
  • Carries out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Supports leaders in carrying out the program
  • Is responsible for finances, adequate funds, and disbursements in line with the approved budget plan
  • Obtains, maintains, and properly cares for troop property
  • Provides adequate camping and outdoor program
  • Serves on boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Supports the Scoutmaster in working with individual boys and problems that may affect the overall troop program.
  • Provides for the special needs and assistance some boys may require.
  • Helps with the Friends of Scouting campaign.
  • Assists the Scoutmaster with handling boy behavior problems.

Troop Secretary / Newsletter Editor
The duties of the Troop Secretary include:

  • Keep minutes of meetings and send out committee meeting notices.
  • Handle publicity.
  • Prepare a family newsletter of troop events and activities.
  • Conduct the troop resource survey.
  • Plan for family night programs and family activities.
  • At each Troop Committee meeting, report the minutes of the previous meeting.

Troop Treasurer
The duties of the Troop Treasurer include:

  • Handle all troop funds. Pay bills on the recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the troop committee.
  • Maintain checking and savings accounts.
  • Train and supervise the troop scribe in record keeping.
  • Keep adequate records in the Troop/Team Record Book.
  • Supervise the camp savings plan.
  • Lead in the preparation of the annual troop budget.
  • Lead the Friends of Scouting campaign.
  • Report to the troop at each Troop Committee meeting.
  • Keep adequate records of expenses.

Camping Chairpersons
The duties of the camping chairperson include:

  • Help in securing permission to use camping sites.
  • Ensure a monthly outdoor program.
  • Promote the National Camping Award.
  • Promote attendance at troop campouts, camporees, and summer camp.
  • Report to the troop committee at each Troop Committee meeting.

Transportation Coordinator
The duties of the Transportation Coordinator include:

  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Secure tour permits for all troop activities.

Advancement Chairpersons
The duties of the Advancement chairperson include:

  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.
  • Work with the troop scribe to maintain all Scout advancement records.
  • Arrange troop boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Develop and maintain a merit badge counselor list.
  • Make a prompt report on the correct form to the council service center when a troop board of review is held. Secure badges and certificates.
  • Work with the troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge pamphlets.
  • Report to the troop committee at each Troop Committee meeting.
  • Provide a weekly advancement summary to the TroopMaster Coordinator.

TroopMaster Coordinator
The duties of the TroopMaster Coordinator include:

  • Maintain Troop advancement records using the TroopMaster software.
  • Coordinate with the Troop Advancement chairperson as needed to ensure electronic records are current and up-to-date.
  • Maintain a Troop youth and adult membership roster.
  • Work with Troop Committee Chairperson with the annual recharter for the Troop.

Equipment Coordinator
The duties of the Equipment Coordinator include:

  • Supervise and help the troop procure camping equipment.
  • Work with the quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all troop equipment.
  • Make periodic safety checks on all troop camping gear, and encourage the troop in safe use of all outdoor equipment.
  • Report to the troop committee at each Troop Committee meeting.

Troop Chaplain
The duties of the Troop Chaplain include:

  • Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities.
  • Give guidance to the chaplain aide.
  • Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice.
  • Visit homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need.
  • Encourage Boy Scouts to earn their appropriate religious emblems.
  • Report to the troop committee at each Troop Committee meeting.

Popcorn Chairperson
The duties of the Popcorn Chairperson include:

  • Attend all District meetings relevant to the Popcorn fundraising campaign.
  • Overall organization the troop’s popcorn fundraising effort.
  • Weekly tracking of funds raised during fundraising campaign.
  • Weekly reporting of progress to the troop to encourage competition and continued efforts throughout the campaign.
  • Coordinate a prize program that encourages Scouts to sell popcorn.
  • Ensuring popcorn is distributed and funds are collected in accordance with the deadlines imposed by the Council.

Special Events Chairperson
The duties of the Special Event Chairperson include:

  • Planning and organizing the annual Pancake Breakfast and Chili Supper held in conjunction with the Pack’s Pinewood Derby.
  • Planning and organizing the annual Easter Sunrise Breakfast provided to the chartered organization.
  • Ensure adequate adult and Scout volunteers are available to staff the events.
  • Purchase food needed for the events.
  • Track food costs versus funds raised and report final outcome to Troop Committee.

Several current and past leaders of Troop 736 have been recognized for their accomplishments through the presentation of District and Council awards. Award recipients from Troop 736 include the following:

Silver Beaver Award
Ken Blankinship
Heather Blankinship
Mike Kennedy
Mike Schmitt

District Award of Merit
Heather Blankinship
Ken Blankinship
Kevin Denning
Mike Graham
Harvey Jones
Karen Kennedy

Mike Kennedy
Cheryl Lancaster
Terry Loucks
Steve Mankins
Warren McCoskey

Tom Mead
Jim Pogue
Jeff Priddle
Joe Sack
Mike Schmitt

Wood Badge

In addition, a number of past and present leaders have attended the advanced leader training course.
Those leaders are:

Sherry Beach
Heather Blankinship
Ken Blankinship
Brad Blum
Kevin Denning
David Dennis
George Dobson

Ed Grabman
Bart Hunt
Kurt Jones
Jack Keltz
Mike Kennedy
Matt Lewis
Terry Loucks

Tom Mead
Jim Pogue
Gaia Priddle
Diana Reddout
Mike Schmitt
Randy Shelton
Michelle Stone

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